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Autumn 2004

Absentee-ballot handling irregularities had handed her a delayed vote win, even though Franks won 53 percent of the vote on Election Day.

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Then, they either filed out the ballots for them or had them fill out the ballots while the candidates were present in their homes. All three candidates won on the strength of massive margins in absentee votes.

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He wrote my name. With a presidential election looming in less than two years, and with the example of California fresh in mind, expect the fight over expanded voting rights to include pushes for legalized ballot harvesting.

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States like Florida and Georgia, which both endured contested elections and lawsuits over absentee ballots last month, can anticipate the push to be tinged with racial undertones. Only 16 states regulate ballot-harvesting at all, and their rules vary. In November, Montana voters passed a state referendum banning the collection of ballots by third parties.

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Expect arguments and legal challenges to continue. The first presidential primary ballots will be cast in 14 months. The best manipulations are those that can be done subtly and legally but nonetheless ensure victory.

How to steal an election

The worst forms of pre-election manipulation are easily detected, illegal, and have little impact. Effective rigging ensures that you or your proxies win and that you get away with it without losing legitimacy. Such strategies include manipulating the voter rolls, excluding opposition candidates from contesting, and distorting electoral districts to maximise partisan gains gerrymandering.

What all of these tactics have in common is that they can be deployed months in advance of an election. In short, while more elections are being held and monitored to verify their integrity, the entire business of elections has become a bit like a cricket match on a rigged pitch.

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The consequences of rigging are often negligible. There are countless elections that were blatantly rigged and were never noticed or condemned by international monitors. For decades, they have been fine-tuning their strategies in order to hold elections that only they or their proxies can win. Over time, their trial-and-error efforts have produced rigging techniques that, unfortunately, work.

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The government prints the ballots, lets people show up to vote, and wins and retains power. The hallmark of these elections is that we usually know who will win well before the counting ends. Right now, those who rig elections are outfoxing not only their own citizens but the international community as well.

How To Steal An Election: Election Security in the US and Abroad

Unless one identifies those strategies and address them, the quality of elections will continue to decline. Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar November Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar October A peek at the mountains in Pakistan's northern areas. Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar September This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from.

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To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election
To Steal An Election To Steal An Election

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