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Dreams in the Witch House

Pioneer Village. October Tales at the Witch House-Ghostly stories performed in out darkened chambers!

Witch Trials. Salem in - Pioneer Village.

The Witch House of Salem

Seventeen years later, Corwin and his family would take part in the most famous Witch Hunt in American History. Tours of the Corwin House, now known as the Witch House, connect elements of everyday life with the events punctuating history's timelines. Salem in The Salem Witchcraft Trials. Corwin moved to the Witch House with his wife Elizabeth, who already had four children to another man from her previous marriage.

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One of those children had already died and her year-old daughter passed away shortly after moving into the residence. Elizabeth would go on to bear more children, this time to Corwin.

Many of these also met tragic ends, with 8 of the 10 children dying young before adulthood. Because of the many deaths associated with it, the Witch House is today thought to be one of the most haunted places in Salem.

The Witch House of Persimmon Point

It has attracted many paranormal investigators over the years, including the famed television show Ghost Adventures. The spirits of deceased children are thought to exist within the property and have made themselves known to the living by touching them and projecting their voices. Sudden temperature drops and cold drafts gushing within rooms have also been experienced within the Witch House.

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  • It pays to check ahead of time whether it will be open during the time of your visit. The house has been restored to what it would have looked like during the time of the Witch Trials. Salem is lucky to still have this time capsule of history, which was nearly destroyed along with many of the other properties linked to the Witch Trials. Locals lobbied to have the home saved, raising enough funds to move the house 30 feet and out of the path of construction.

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