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2. The Intuitive Approach To Finding Your Purpose

And, in order to continue working at something even after you have made some mistakes and embarrassed yourself in doing so, you have to be passionate about it.

People avoid embarrassment for obvious reasons, but if you avoid doing anything that has the potential to embarrass you, then you won't end up doing anything that feels meaningful. Feeling foolish comes with the territory when you are on the path to achieve something important or significant.

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The more intimidated you are by a major life decision, the more you probably need to be doing it. Is it a specific talent that you have? What do people thank you for? Appreciation from other people can help fuel your work. You may not be able to see your strengths like others do because they come naturally to you. Look for common themes in reasons behind why people reach out to you in times of need.

For example, you might not realize the ways in which you inspire your friends to want to be like you. Most people don't like thinking about death, but death forces us to focus on the truly important things. Death may be the only thing that can give you a clear perspective on the value of your life.

5 Steps to Finding Your Creative Purpose

How do you want people to remember you? And if you aren't living in line with your own values, whose values or priorities are you living for? You won't find your passion by being complacent. It is a trial-and-error process. If you aren't willing to go out of your way to do something, then you aren't truly passionate about it. If you consider this question, you are really thinking about what you would change about the world, or what knowledge you want to pass on to future generations.

This question also forces you to reflect upon the things in life that you believe you are truly competent in and able to teach other people about. How would you want to improve other people's lives, or where do you believe there is a gap in knowledge that you could fill? Do you work to live or do you live to work?

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If you are doing something that you are passionate about, it won't feel like work. There will never be a Sunday night where you are dreading the imminent Monday morning. What part of your work comes easy to you because you are happy while you're doing it? Aligning your professional life with your purpose is a critical part of living out your why. Similar to observing why people come to your for help, how do people find value in you or your contributions?

Do you give great advice? Are you willing to take extra time out of your day to help your friends with something in particular? Think about the things that you do for people that are unique. Considering this question is a great way to discover your passion.

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes - Adam Leipzig - TEDxMalibu

What would you do with all of your free time if money was not an issue? If you're not motivated by money, the only other thing you can be motivated by is time, and how you spend your time would certainly be on something that you love.

Did you love to be on stage dancing as a child, but gave that up with age? Or maybe you loved a certain class in elementary school that you couldn't necessarily apply to a career. Think back to what you had a passion for before adult life got in the way, and find a way to tie your current life back to those original interests. She is an inspiration for many in her community. She has done exhibits of her photos in galleries, and has over , followers on her Instagram account. This woman is proof that having a purpose in life can help a person live a long and happy life.

Your own purpose will point the way to your success. And if you are aiming for success in the workplace, you might want to visit this post to learn about the 36 good workplace habits you need to build a successful career. Pin Share Buffer It infuses you with passion for your goals.

Overwhelmed? Take a step back and reset to basics that work.

It keeps you focused on your goals. It helps you live healthier and longer. It helps you develop resilience. It allows you to live a life with integrity. How to Find Your Why 1. Think back to the activities you did that made you forget about the passage of time. Recall what you liked to do when you were a kid. Think about the things that you are willing to do even if you look like a fool. Observe what people ask of you when they come to you for help. Imagine what you would be doing if you learned that you only had a year left to live.

Enumerate the things for which you would be willing to go the extra mile. If you were given the chance to teach others e. If you were given the chance to do something that you love and not worry about the paycheck, what would it be? Share the resources and advice that have gotten you to this point.

Prepare yourself to act in ways you admire. Set a place at your table for others who need to be heard. Step 3: Add the good.

Amplify the amazing instead of the merely tolerable. Belligerently build on the foundations others have set for you. Invest in the potential of what is long dormant but still alive. Reflect the warmth of the kindness of other people. Help others pull themselves up. Focus on what you are proud of and what makes you happy. I draw charts and graphs that illustrate eve

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Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose
Process to Your Purpose Process to Your Purpose

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