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Jan view profile. Vote 1. Answer by Jan Jan view profile. Edited by Jan Jan view profile. Accepted Answer. If you have a question about drawing a "line", look into the documentation:. To get the area, create a polygon at first by finding the points, where this line crosses the area.

Parallel Lines

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Math Resources. JEE Material. Become a Teacher. Sign In. Lines Parallel to Axes. Well, we plot all points in the plane for which the y -coordinate is 2: This is a line parallel to the x -axis. We can represent the solution on a one-dimensional number line as a single point: II.

However, when considered as a linear equation in two-variables, this represents a line parallel to the y -axis, as shown below: Example 2: The following figure shows four lines, each of which is parallel to one of the two axes. Determine the equation of each line. Download practice questions along with solutions for FREE:.

Linear Equations. Related Sections. Solutions of a Linear Equation.

The line is parallel to y=x+5 and includes the point (-7,16)

Introduction to Graphing. Lines parallel to axes. Practical Applications. Introduction to Linear Inequalities. Linear Inequalities in Two Variables. More on Half-Planes. Inequalities involving absolute values.

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