Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]

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Now travel into realms where dazzling wonders roam the night, where magic replaces reason, and where a kiss unleashes a raging fire in the blood. And here, if you dare, discover the seduction that begins at the bewitching hour when a man and woman partake in Midnight Pleasures. Darkfest by Amanda Ashley The price of saving her dying mother is Channa's promise to spend a year at the castle of tormented nobleman, Lord Darkfest And her own.

Phantom Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon Haunted by recurring nightmares of terrifying beasts, Erin McDaniels is afraid to sleep-until a hero arrives in her dreams to save her But can she find him again when she is awake? Cloud plans to make the show authentic.

But once on the set she is pulled into the arms of a man who opens up a doorway to the darkside and chilling peril. A Wulf's Curse by Ronda Thompson Running away from an arranged marriage, Elise steals aboard a wagon in a traveling circus and finds herself in the bed of the Beast Master, Sterling Wulf, who is something other than he seems Show menu Top novels.

Historical Horror Humorous Mystery Romance. He needs to do more, to be more. Recognizing the mounting anger in him, Stiles decides to head for the gym.

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No need to go dark side quite yet. What would Yoda say? Your father, call you should. With a sigh, Stiles obey his inner Yoda and calls his dad. Stiles doesn't tell him about the lack of magic. Not yet.

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He doesn't want pity, and he doesn't want to transfer back home barely a year after starting at Cornell. It's his first real applied magic class after all, and one teacher. Maybe his awesomeness is just too great to be appraised by squinting your eyes and reading auras… Plus, he's getting into some hefty student debt for this degree, and giving up without trying more would feel like too much of a failure.

He's got a scholarship, but it doesn't cover it all, not with his dad's meager sheriff salary and bills leftover from his stint in Eichen House that one time he got possessed.

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Rent isn't cheap in Ithaca, especially when you elected not to live in a run-down apartment building in the middle of the woods - seriously, it looked like a vampire hideout. What Stiles does tell his dad, is about his neighbors and their refusal to acknowledge how noisy they are. His dad laughs a little, tell him he should find himself a nice girl or guy with whom to reciprocate - gross dad! The name sounds vaguely familiar to Stiles, but mostly he's happy his dad is finally giving him a clue: he's been strangely happy to have Stiles go to Cornell, rather than elsewhere on the East Coast, and Stiles knew that was because there was someone he knew locally.

Laura Hale is probably some grizzled officer, an acquaintance from back at the academy.

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Stiles thanks his Dad and hangs up. As luck would have it, his fridge is empty, the shower tepid, the wank not quite satisfactory, and, at am, Stiles startles awake as rapturous cries of pleasure pierce his eardrum from the flat next door. With barely a glance at the time, he unlocks his phone and calls the police.

When he brings back the phone to his ear, the guy asks him:. Now, - Stiles checks the time on his phone quickly — you still have about 20 minutes to get there in time for the grand finale, and I live downtown, 5 minutes away walking from the station. My dad mentioned a Laura Hale I should appeal to? Stiles is surprised by the immediate change in attitude but too relieved and pressed for time to question it.

The officer presses on:. Uniforms are not a kink. Stiles opens the door, nods to the guy, and lead the way to the elevator. Were not a kink, maybe, he corrects as he glances back to the officer following him in the hallway.

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Stiles presses the elevator button and the door slides open immediately since he took it downstairs. Stiles snorts. I know I barely do. The guy nods a bit at that and his nostrils quiver faintly. Stiles tempted to call the guy out on it, because gross , and personal and because he probably smells tired and medicated — he still takes Adderall as his ADD is giving no sign of ebbing away with adulthood.

Even just standing in the hallway, you can clearly tell people are having sex in the flat.

With a last questioning look and a confirming nod from Stiles, the officer walks forward to the door and bangs on it. The officer gets ready to knock again but Stiles stop him with a light tap on the shoulder:. And, indeed, a second later calm suddenly comes back, whatever noises they make now too quiet to be heard. The officer pounds on the door. Men probably grovel at her feet after just one look. Stiles has never been so glad to be a very gay man, because even he can feel the raw sex appeal.

The officer and the woman lock gaze, and he says:. The voice is even, but has a steely inflexion in it. Is she crazy?!

They could hear us from down the hallway! This is a Wolves of Midnight Box Set and it contains: Midnight Surrender: Melissa is young and innocent, and just when she thinks her vacation in London is going to be the best of her life, strange feelings of want in her body start to take over her every essence.

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Midnight Pleasure: Kara is being haunted by a man in her dreams. A man that looks so powerful that she knows no one in the world could possibly match his grace. Suddenly, when she needs him the most, the man of her dreams takes shape in an extraordinary man called Logan.

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Without any thought, Logan is offering her everything she ever wanted, but first, she has to fight her body to survive… And only he can save her. Midnight Lover: Myra wanted to show how adventures she could be by going to the Amazon rainforest. However, in a blink of an eye she finds herself lost and alone surrounded by a pack of wolves in a place she knows nothing about.

Myra is sweet and caring. Alaric is rough and marvelous. She's in danger and the gray wolf is the only one that can possibly save her. But will he? Midnight Desire: River, being the only female wolf in her pack, runs away to Wyoming when the first signs of her mating heat attacks.

Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]
Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]
Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]
Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]
Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]
Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight] Midnight Pleasure [Wolves of Midnight]

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