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It was Rexroth who preached the funeral of the North Beachniks before they knew they were dead. One of his chief targets is the University of California across, the Bay.

McTeague: A Story of San Francisco (Mass Market Paperbound)

Its faculty, traditionally a generation behind in its reading, seems unaware of the bricks Rexroth keeps tossing through its glass houses. It's a long time since I got worked up over the overeducated conversation of the Karamazov brothers. I read Melville only when paid. After many long years I reread 'McTeague,' with pleasure and absorption. He goes on to praise Norris's craftsmanship, his sharp eye for the local scene, and what he calls his Mediterranean feeling.

When I was young and intellectual and first came to San Francisco, I thought they were comic, but somehow I've always lived in such a place and live in one now.

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It's not an Italian village, but its builders had the same thing in mind. I F this taste of prose pleases the reader,, Kenneth Rexroth may be sampled further as poet and translator in other recent paperbacks.

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These poems illustrate the range of Rexroth's interests: lyrics, satires, elegies, epigrams, travel poems, love poems, poems to his children, a bestiary and a Mother Goose in the modern mode. Twenty years ago, when the late Richard Aldington was living in Los Angeles, he said that he regarded Rexroth as one of the test of all translators of the Greek Anthology.

High praise from one who was himself a good translator from the Greek and other tongues.

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It left me so excited with accomplishment that I couldn't sleep well for nights. Since that time, in the freight trains of my youthful years of wandering, in starlit camps on desert and mountain ranges, in snowcovered cabins, on shipboard, in bed, in the bath, in love, in times of loneliness and despair They, and the Chinese, have shaped me for better or worse as a poet, and they have given me whatever philosophy of life I have —along with life itself. Although he lives most of the year in the city, Rexroth's summers have long been spent in the High Sierra of California.

This poet is never impressionistic. The stars and plants in his poetry are named.

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The Octopus , the first of Norris's projected Epic of the Wheat series, deals with the raising of wheat in California and the struggle of ranchers against the railroads, while The Pit is a novel about speculation on the Chicago wheat exchange. Unfortunately, Norris died suddenly after an operation for appendicitis.

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Like Stephen Crane, a writer with whom Norris is frequently compared, Norris died too young to fulfill his considerable promise, but he has more than held his own ground among turn-of-the-century writers whose works have lived. One reason may be that he took his craft as a writer seriously, as is shown by his posthumously published Responsibilities of the Novelist and Other Literary Essays and The Literary Criticism of Frank Norris, edited by Donald Pizer.

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  6. First published in , McTeague was a literary sensation. Its ultra-realistic portrayal of the rise and fall of a simple-minded dentist and his grasping, greedy wife was controversial for its candid depiction of sordid behavior right at the edge of insanity. It remains a searing indictment of human weakness and selfishness in a rapidly evolving America.

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    Section 3. Droits d'auteur. The image of the Jew in American literature: from early Republic to mass

    McTeague (Signet Classics) McTeague (Signet Classics)
    McTeague (Signet Classics) McTeague (Signet Classics)
    McTeague (Signet Classics) McTeague (Signet Classics)
    McTeague (Signet Classics) McTeague (Signet Classics)
    McTeague (Signet Classics) McTeague (Signet Classics)

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