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So I conducted my own research and eventually found a solution. On the train, I wondered what I should tell the doctor: why did I make an appointment? What he might tell me makes my stomach churn. I have been evading this truth for so many years. I know he will explain to me in medical terms what had been done to me. Ever since I was five, this has been my only reality. When I was five years old, I was subjected to an act of unspeakable violence, which I will never be able to forget.

It motivated me to campaign to protect girls from this barbaric procedure. But what exactly did they excise, what part of my body is no longer mine? Ever since that day, a part of my body has been permanently unknown to me. Her sexual life develops differently to that of other girls.

She needs to learn and build her self-confidence. However, I wanted to understand the current situation in Europe, where , mutilated women are living, and thousands of little girls are at risk of being circumcised. A few hours later, after having examined me, Dr.

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A scar tissue has developed, as a result. You will never be able to give birth in the normal way. But the decision is up to you. We made an appointment for December I had finally allowed the pain to be. I could no longer hide from it. I am told that Dr. All of these women have chosen to erase the stigma of oppression that marked their childhood. The majority were mutilated before reaching the age of In most cases, they were forced to suffer the cruel ritual in preparation for a premature marriage.

You will find that astrology and all these mystical things are generally signs of a weak mind; therefore as soon as they are becoming prominent in our minds, we should see a physician, take good food and rest. If you can get an explanation of a phenomenon from within its nature, it is nonsense to look for an explanation from outside.

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If the world explains itself, it is nonsense to go outside for an explanation. Have you found any phenomena in the life of a man that you have ever seen which cannot be explained by the power of the man himself? So what is the use of going to the stars or anything else in the world? My own Karma is sufficient explanation of my present state.

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So in the case of Jesus himself. We know that his father was only a carpenter. We need not go to anybody else to find an explanation of his power. He was the outcome of his own past, all of which was a preparation for that Jesus.

What is your destiny in life?

Buddha goes back and back to animal bodies and tells us how he ultimately became Buddha. So what is the use of going to stars for explanation? They may have a little influence; but it is our duty to ignore them rather than hearken to them and make ourselves nervous. This I lay down as the first essential in all I teach: anything that brings spiritual, mental, or physical weakness, touch it not with the toes of your feet.

Religion is the manifestation of the natural strength that is in man.

Man and His Destiny

A spring of infinite power is coiled up and is inside this little body, and that spring is spreading itself. And as it goes on spreading, body after body is found insufficient; it throws them off and takes higher bodies. This is the history of man, of religion, civilisation, or progress.

That giant Prometheus, who is bound, is getting himself unbound. It is always a manifestation of strength, and all these ideas such as astrology, although there may be a grain of truth in them, should be avoided. There is an old story of an astrologer who came to a king and said, "You are going to die in six months. But his minister was a clever man, and this man told the king that these astrologers were fools. The king would not believe him. So the minister saw no other way to make the king see that they were fools but to invite the astrologer to the palace again.

There he asked him if his calculations were correct. The astrologer said that there could not be a mistake, but to satisfy him he went through the whole of the calculations again and then said that they were perfectly correct. The king's face became livid.

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The minister said to the astrologer, "And when do you think that you will die? The minister quickly drew his sword and separated the astrologer's head from the body and said to the king, "Do you see this liar? He is dead this moment. If you want your nation to live, keep away from all these things.

The only test of good things is that they make us strong. Good is life, evil is death. These superstitious ideas are springing like mushrooms in your country, and women wanting in logical analysis of things are ready to believe them. It is because women are striving for liberation, and women have not yet established themselves intellectually. One gets by heart a few lines of poetry from the top of a novel and says she knows the whole of Browning. Another attends a course of three lectures and then thinks she knows everything in the world.

The difficulty is that they are unable to throw off the natural superstition of women. They have a lot of money and some intellectual learning, but when they have passed through this transition stage and get on firm ground, they will be all right.

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But they are played upon by charlatans. Do not be sorry; I do not mean to hurt anyone, but I have to tell the truth.

His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny
His Destiny His Destiny

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