Choices Made: The Street Years

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He also introduced new technology, the world's first twist-wrapping machine, to wrap each chocolate in a distinctive wrapper.

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By using a tin, instead of a cardboard box, Mackintosh ensured the chocolate aroma burst out as soon as it was opened and the different textures, colours, shapes and sizes of the sweets made opening the tin and consuming its contents a noisy, vibrant experience that the whole family could enjoy.

In the later s, Britain was still feeling the effects of the economic crash and Mackintosh realised that in times of economic hardship and war, people crave nostalgia. Quality Street chocolates were, therefore, packaged in brightly coloured tins featuring two characters wearing Regency era dress, known affectionately as Miss Sweetly and Major Quality, inspired by the principal characters from J.

Barrie's play. They featured on all Quality Street boxes and tins until The original models for the pair were Tony and Iris Coles, the children of Sydney Coles who designed the advertising campaign that first appeared on a front-page newspaper advertisement in the Daily Mail on 2 May Individual larger versions of the more popular chocolates are now manufactured and sold separately, as an extension to the brand, such as a bar based on the Purple One.

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Following a suggestion by packaging manufacturer William T. New planning applications. Recently decided planning applications.

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You can view comments submitted to the website, in the "Comments" sections of Public Access. Comments submitted using other means, such as letters or emails, can be viewed as attachments in the "Documents" section. Your objections or supporting comments on applications should be rational, impersonal and directed to the planning matters raised by the proposal. Please do not submit comments that are defamatory or abusive. We will accept comments up to the point at which the application is decided.

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However, we strongly advise you to submit any comments as early as possible. We will not decide the outcome of the application before the end of the publicity period. Any people consulted will have a minimum of 21 days from the date of consultation to respond. With a householder application and in the event the application is refused and later goes to appeal, any comments made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further comments.

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Please note that except for the commenter's phone numbers, email address and signature, any comments provided will be published on the Council's website without change. A copy of your comments can be emailed if requested. This means that the Planning Committee has given the authority to planning officers to make decisions on applications.

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We have a document that explains which applications can be decided by Officers and which applications need to be taken to the Planning Committee. Details can be downloaded here. Request an accessible format. You will not normally receive an automatic notification about the decision on the application. However, you are able to track the application when logged in on the Public Access site.

You will then receive an email alert when the status of the application changes, and as soon as it is decided.

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Depending on the type of development proposed, publicity can include placing advertisements in The Journal, displaying site notices, and sending notification letters to neighbours. In addition, details of all applications are published on the Council's website.

Choices Made: The Street Years Choices Made: The Street Years
Choices Made: The Street Years Choices Made: The Street Years
Choices Made: The Street Years Choices Made: The Street Years
Choices Made: The Street Years Choices Made: The Street Years
Choices Made: The Street Years Choices Made: The Street Years

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